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Dynamic Machine Control

Deliver better performance and maximum productivity in the field. Realize greater freedom and flexibility in the design process. Compete in an industry that's evolving faster than ever before. Welcome to the smarter machine movement.

Experience Dynamic Machine Control

The industry is moving to smarter, more efficient machines. It’s no longer just about components, it’s about how those components connect to create intelligent subsystems that dynamically adapt and respond.

The integration of intelligent hydraulic, electronic and mechanical components can deliver performance improvements that differentiate platforms and create a competitive advantage. See how in this interactive model of our DMC demonstrator vehicle.

Zoom and rotate, filter and select to learn about the 20+ Eaton products that power DMC solutions such as boom stability control, steer-by-wire and electrohydraulic steering, and efficient power matching. Then read more about these solutions below.

The 3D viewer may take a minute to load.?

A faster path to smarter machines

Learn how Eaton approaches the intelligent machine movement. Our article library offers something for everyone, whether you're starting to consider electrohydraulics or looking for the next cutting-edge technology.

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