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Our response to COVID-19

We?have?made the?important?decision to maintain operations during this unprecedented crisis because?of the vital?role?our company plays in?sustaining global infrastructure?and ensuring critical power?supply.

Eaton’s?products and?support?services are?vital?to hospitals,?emergency services,?military sites, utilities, public works, transportation and shipping?providers. In addition, data centers,?retail outlets,?airports?and?governments,?as well as?the?networks that support schools and remote workers,?rely on?our?products?each day?to?serve their customers and communities.?

In?keeping?our operations?running, we know we also need to?modify?how we work to?keep our employees safe.?Here are some of the things we are doing to protect the safety and health of our workforce, as well as meet?our customer’s?critical?needs?during?this crisis.

Protecting our employees

  • We’ve trained our sites around the world in cleaning and disinfecting protocols and are increasing these activities.
  • We’ve enacted social distancing procedures, including staggering shifts, implementing a rotating office work schedule, and are modifying workspace and meeting space layouts.
  • We are requiring employees to stay at home if they are feeling ill, and encouraging increased hand washing and hygiene practices across all our sites.
  • We’ve advised employees that they can take advantage of flexible work options.
  • We are restricting visitors to our sites.
  • We are consulting regularly with renowned doctors and health care organizations and updating our response plans as new information is available.

In the event an employee suspects he?or she has been exposed to COVID-19, or testing confirms it, we will implement an aggressive response plan that our team has developed. This plan includes:

  • mandatory quarantines
  • communication with all who may have been exposed,
  • disinfecting work stations and common areas,
  • and shutting down the facility if warranted.

These?actions?are aligned with?our preventive health protocols and?those?of?global, regional and national??governmental authorities and health organizations including the?Centers for Disease Control (U.S.)?and the?World Health Organization.?In the event?that?local?laws require more stringent measures, we will do whatever is necessary to implement them.

Supporting our customers

We have activated?our?business continuity management plans across the organization.?This includes:

  • staying in close contact with our suppliers to manage the supply chain,
  • equipping our service technicians with additional personal protective equipment as needed,
  • coordinating closely with local, state and national governments,
  • and following governmental and health authorities’ guidelines, which vary by location.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation around the world and address our?customers’?needs on a case-by-case basis.?

If you have specific questions, please?contact your local customer care team.


Business contact information:

For Electrical order inquiries, please call 1-877-386-2273.
For Hydraulics order inquiries, please call 1-800-386-1911.
For Aerospace order inquiries, please contact customer support.
For Vehicle order inquiries, please contact customer support.


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